Calling Them Like I See Them

The Grape Belt Manifesto: I want to look at the good and the bad, what’s right and wrong with all things wine-related, and criticize and praise where necessary. Restaurants, the media, producers, other writers — everybody and everything gets examined. No free passes, no sacred cows. My chief targets are pretense and snobbery, and anything that keeps more people from drinking more wine. Wine has too long suffered from images of mystery and elitism, and I think that anybody who loves wine needs to help wipe out this crippling perception. I’m here to do my part.

2 thoughts on “Calling Them Like I See Them

    1. Tom Riley

      Does it show up now? I think I’ve fixed it. Next challenge, among many, is getting this site linked to other wine blogs. Then, monetize it. Then, god forbid, twittering! It’s a vortex and the only option is to dive in. Resistance is futile.

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