E Pluribus Unum!

In the years right after college, when my interest in wine was just starting to form, I enjoyed reading Frank Prial’s column, “Wine Talk,” every week in The New York Times. I remember distinctly one column he wrote about wine cellars, and what to do if you didn’t have giant collections or access to some fancy-schmancy […]

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Get In Line. Take A Number.

I recently took a position on the sales team of  a Napa-based winery. Part of my new duties includes showcasing their wines at various retail outlets in the Bay Area. In addition to presenting the wines and telling passers-by something about the winery and its history, I also act as a wine department factotum, speaking […]

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There And Back Again, part three

The travel, illness, work, and holiday folderol of the past two months all added up to not being able to pay attention to life here in The Grape Belt. Let’s finish our little trip back east and then get on with the new year, with all sorts of new things to look at in the world of wine. For any sensible, […]

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