Thirty Wines For $10 Or Less

WineSpectatorCover-SheldrakeBack in June, Wine & Spirits magazine did a big favor for bargain shoppers everywhere with its “Top 100 Values of the Year” edition. Most interesting for the hard-core coupon clippers were those selections at $10 and under. With the holidays in full swing, and the need for potent potables looking like a run-away train, here are some suggestions for wines that will make your loco locomotive ride a bit more manageable.


2010 Cramele Reca Viile Timisului Dreamfish Sauvignon Blanc $7 (88 points, Romania)

2009 Columbia Crest Washington Two Vines Vineyard 10 $8 (blend of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and semillon) (86 points, USA)

2010 Columbia Crest Washington Two Vines Sauvignon Blanc $8 (86 points, USA)

2010 Skalli Pays d’Oc Fortant de France images-4Chardonnay $8 (86 points, France)

2009 Foodies California Chardonnay $8 (84 points, USA)

2010 Woodbridge California Chardonnay $8 (84 points, USA)

2010 Aveleda Vinho Verde Quinta da Aveleda $9 (92 points, Portugal)

2010 Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Dry Riesling $9 (88 points, USA)

2010 Grassa Family Vin de Pays Côtes de Gascogne $9 (87 points, France)

2010 Covey Run Columbia Valley Gewurztraminer $9 (86 points, USA)

2011 Ventisquero Casablanca Valley National Yali Reserva Sauvignon Blanc $10 (91 points, Chile)

2011 Vistamar Casablanca Valley Sepia Reserva Sauvignon Blanc $10 (91 points, Chile)

Unknown2009 Baron de Ley Rioja Blanca $10 (90 points, Spain)

2010 Re Midas Soave $10 (88 points, Italy)

2010 Concannon Central Coast Chardonnay $10 (85 points, USA)


2008 Orca Columbia Valley Merlot $7 (W&S editors call this an “Exceptional Value” and suggest chilling it and serving it as an aperitif; USA)

2010 Cramel Reca Viile Timisului Dreambird Pinot Noir $7 (87 points, Romania)

2009 Pine & Post Washington State Merlot $7 (86 points, USA)

2009 Columbia Crest Washington Two Vines Unknown-1Cabernet Sauvignon $8 (90 points, USA)

2010 Santa Rita Valle Central 120 Carmenère $8 (88 points, Chile)

2010 Stone Cap Columbia Valley Syrah $8 (88 points, USA)

2009 Stone Cap Columbia Valley Estate Merlot $8 (87 points, USA)

2009 Barocco Salento Rosso $9 (85 points, Italy)

2010 Small Wonders Paso Robles Zinfandel $9 (83 points, USA)

2009 Mancura Casablanca Valley Gran Reserva $10 (91 points, Chile)

images-22010 Vistamar Maipo Valley Sepia Reserva Carmenère $10 (90 points, Chile)

2010 Casas del Toqui Cachapoal Valley Reseva Carmenère $10 (89 points, Chile)

2010 Concannon Central Coast Selected Vineyards Pinot Noir $10 (86 points, USA)

2010 Farnese Montepulciano d’Abruzzo $10 (86 points, Italy)

2009 Castello delle Regine Umbria Rosso $10 (86 points, Italy)

What are a few things we can learn from the above lists? Well, there are producers from all points on the map who are reliable year in, year out. And, along with a global supply of reliable producers, there is an almost endless variety of great bargains to be found. Also, at these prices, one can afford to experiment, stretch those wine muscles a bit, move away  from the same old, same old. Is there a grape variety on this list you’ve never tried or maybe even heard of? Give it a go. Never had wine from Chile or Spain, or, heavens forbid, Romania? What do you have to lose? Finally, this list is only a snapshot of what awaits you in your search for the greatest bargain ever. From Argentina to New Zealand, and everywhere in between, you’ll find terrific wines at surprising prices. All you have to do is look.

So, head over to your local, independent wine shop, and ask the manager about these wines. If you can’t seem to find any of these labels, ask your new best friend (that’s the wine store manager) why not. Let these small shops know that you want to imageslearn and let them know what you’re willing to spend. They will work to make you happy. If they don’t, find a new shop. If you’re stuck in a state-controlled-store world, start shopping online or get out a good roadmap. There’s more than one way to skin this wine cat.

If you have any questions about these wines or how to shop for great values, please don’t hesitate to ask. The entire Grape Belt staff is here to help you. Happy Holiday wine hunting! Cheers!

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