Lambert Bridge — You’re Not Going To Want To Leave

DSC_1031Most wineries understand the basics of hospitality. Then there are places like Lambert Bridge, where, once you’ve arrived, you can’t imagine leaving. There is a relaxed comfort there that most wineries can only dream about offering. One of the signs that you’re in a tasting room dedicated to hospitality is when your visit is being conducted by the wine club manager and there’s barely a peep about joining the club, a hard sell the furthest thing from her mind.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Lambert Bridge. If you’ve not been, make sure it’s on your list the next time you’re in Healdsburg. Cheers!

One thought on “Lambert Bridge — You’re Not Going To Want To Leave

  1. mmeisner11

    Glad to see you posted this! I see you linked to the post I wrote for Am Winery Guide. I had a great time there, and part of the reason you don’t get a hard sell is because all of their wine is available through only two outlets – either wine club, or direct from the winery. So you pretty much have to join or buy there if you want to take some home because you won’t find it anywhere else.

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