Hands-On Learning

Burgundy-vineyards_2306558bIn the next month and a half, The Grape Belt will be on the road in pursuit of some advanced wine education. You can read about wine all you want, but going out and meeting the grapes in person is the best way to learn. Seeing the vineyards up close and talking with the winemakers  is the surest path to understanding. Over the coming six weeks, I’ll be in France (Normandy, Provence, Rhone, Burgundy, and Champagne), Spain (Barcelona), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, and places nearby), and New Zealand (South Island). There will be more than just wineries and tastings along the way, but wine will be the dominant focus.

So, check in here when you can. We’d love to have you along for the ride.

*photo courtesy of the Telegram (UK)


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