Port — Not Just For Roaring Fires On Chilly Nights

When wine lovers think about Port, which isn’t nearly often enough, they imagine something that will thaw them out in the dead of winter. That’s fine, to a point, but Port isn’t just something to enjoy during the dark days of winter. It’s a year-round pleasure. If you’re not so sure about that, check out my recent piece for The Alcohol Professor. What you read might just change your mind. Cheers!


**photo courtesy of Sandeman

3 thoughts on “Port — Not Just For Roaring Fires On Chilly Nights

  1. BPR

    You’ll need a competent guide and tasting lackey for your trip to Portugal. I’m happy to offer my services at bargain basement rates.

    1. Tom Riley

      Thank you for reading! I’m gonna take my own advice and start trying a wider range of ports on all sorts of occasions. Been pretty narrow with the tawny and ruby stuff.

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