Pink? Time To Think…For Yourself

Even if you tried, you could not keep up with the media frenzy going on right now around rosé. Pink is the new, well, you name it. In the wine world, it’s one of top stories. And the clamor shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

I drink a lot of pink. And my family and friends know this because I post my rosé “research” on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. Still, I get a lot of requests on what pink to drink. Which made me think. (Yeah, I just did that.) I realized pretty quickly that there is no way to go through and offer tasting notes and opinions on all the rosés I’ve opened in the past year or so, nor is it possible for me to pore over all the recent media offerings in order to cobble together a list for the various palates I know. So, here’s the next best thing — a photo collection of many of the bottles from the last year or so. I’ve liked some more than others, but none of the ones here have been complete, carve-out-your-eyeball failures. Some are on the cheaper side, others are a tad pricey. Almost all have pretty good acid, which is essential for a refreshing pink. After that, the fruit flavors, concentration, finish, appearance — that’s all on you. Rosé is not a wine to ponder. Rosé is a wine to drink. So, take a peek, and start planning your next Pinkapalooza. Cheers!

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