Please Pay Attention

If you’ve enjoyed wine for any period of time, and I don’t mean the past several hours or days, you know that there is more pleasure to be had the more attention you pay to what’s in your glass. For many would-be wine lovers, learning how to be more mindful when it comes to wine can be a tricky thing. My fellow wine writer, Lauren Mowery, recently wrote a smart piece for both the Village Voice and her blog, Chasing the Vine on this exact subject. I don’t normally post other people’s work here on The Grape Belt, but Lauren explains the best ways to get the most from your wine so succinctly that I just had to share it. I’m confident that if you are able to bring even a few of the focus points she suggests to your next good glass of wine, you’ll find that entirely new paths to pleasure will open in front of you.

Remember when your parents and teachers told you to pay attention? They weren’t trying to badger you. They were trying to prepare you for the wonderful world of wine. Cheers!

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