2013 Jordan Chardonnay

Maybe you’re a big fan of chardonnay. And maybe you’ve heard friends who are a bit ahead of you in the wine game talking about things called Chablis and Burgundy, but you really don’t know much about those wines. What you do know is that wines from those places can often be expensive. Still, you’d love to try them.

Here’s a place to get started. The Jordan chardonnay is from Sonoma, not France, but it gives you a darn good idea about Chablis and Burgundy without breaking the bank.

This is a pleasing wine from the opening bell, with enticing fruit and floral aromas. In the mouth there is an impressive balance between the crisp, mouth-watering acidity, and the creamy, elegant texture, which leads to a long, mineral-laced finish. A refreshing wine that will make you stop and think. And, one of the things you’ll think about is all different dishes that will pair beautifully with this versatile, delicious chardonnay.

If you know your French whites, this wine might strike you as Chablis meets the Cote de Beaune.

Not a big fan of chardonnay? You might want to try this Jordan. There’s a good chance you’ll start seeing this variety in an entirely new light.

Fruit source from six small growers, 100% Russian River Valley
13.7% abv
$35 online from winery shop and in various retail outlets nationwide
Wine provided was #Sample from winery



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