Wine Oh TV: Fun And Friendly Window On The World Of Wine

When Monique Soltani, executive producer of Wine Oh TV, encouraged me to watch her latest segment, telling me that I made a brief appearance, I figured why not take the ol’ masochism out for a spin.

But about halfway through the episode, which runs approximately 23 minutes, I knew I needed to share this piece on Italian wines. Not because my blathering self shows up twice (2:43, 3:38 for the morbidly curious) but because a few real pros in the trade had so much good information to share.

Wine Oh TV 19201080If you love wine, Italy, learning, or all three put together, do yourself a favor and watch this episode. And, when you’re finished, do yourself another favor and bookmark Monique’s webpage so you can continue watching her fun and informative videos on wines from around the globe and the people responsible for bringing them to you. If you happen to live in Northern or Central California and subscribe to Comcast’s Hometown Network (channel 104), you can watch Wine Oh TV on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m..

There are many effective and enjoyable ways to learn about wine. Wine Oh TV is absolutely one of them. Salute!

Click here to watch the episode on Italian wine:

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