Current offerings are all designed for small groups and can be held in the comfort of your own home. The Grape Belt does not yet have access to large, public gathering places where it is possible to hold wine tastings and educational events.  Groups should not exceed 15. A gathering of 10 to 12 is optimal.

How To TasteWine 101
A one-hour session, up to 15 people, on wine basics such as shopping, pairings, restaurant lists, how to read a label, some essential differences between reds and whites. We can even get more fundamental if you’d like, and look at how to open bottles (still and sparkling), proper storage, correct serving temperatures, and what makes a good glass. Some time can be spent on how grapes are grown and turned into wine.

The ABCs of Tasting
Basics of detecting aromas, flavors, and flaws. What are the components found in a glass of wine: acids, tannins, fruit flavors, and alcohol. How temperature affects wine during storage and after being poured. What is finish, structure, concentration. How to detect a wine’s age, when is it at its peak, when is it past its prime, too young or too old.

DSC_1461Wines of the World
Close looks at the particular wine region or particular grapes of your choice, with an emphasis on geography and history, including those finer elements that compose what critics call terroir: climate, topography, soil, elevation, sun exposure, even the influence in the vineyard and winery by the producers of the wine. Regional differences in style and flavor can also be looked at and compared.

DSC_0070Sparkling or Fortified Wines
Interested in bubbles? Love the fancy fizz? Got a sweet tooth that loves to end a meal with some Port or Sherry, maybe a delicious late harvest wine? This session will offer some history and explain how and where these wines are made, what grapes are used, how to pair specific wines with various foods, and what, if any, special glassware is preferred.

Have other ideas for a wine event? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Please email Tom at so we can set up a time to talk.