2013 Jordan Chardonnay

Maybe you’re a big fan of chardonnay. And maybe you’ve heard friends who are a bit ahead of you in the wine game talking about things called Chablis and Burgundy, but you really don’t know much about those wines. What you do know is that wines from those places can often be expensive. Still, you’d […]

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So Few Places Like Jordan

If you set out to visit Jordan Vineyard and Winery expecting it to be like some of the other wineries you’ve been to, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Jordan doesn’t have many of the same things that most wineries offer. Jordan doesn’t have crowds. They don’t have guests two and three deep at a […]

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Let’s Go Shopping — A Griller’s Dozen

Everybody’s heard of a baker’s dozen, right? Well, with summer on its way, and many folks already working the backyard grill, here are some reds that will partner nicely with whatever it is you’ve got cooking. Think of them as a griller’s dozen. $19 2010 Dry Creek Heritage Zinfandel (Sonoma County; abv 13.5%) A big […]

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